Our mission is to promote an interest in aviation through educating and directly engaging the general public while simultaneously using aviation as a platform to benefit other charitable causes that alleviate human suffering.

Boldly aiming to serve both aviation and each other.


The Hope 100 Endurance Flight

A highly visible 'adventure-based' flight aimed at breaking the standing 1959 Flight Endurance Record while directly engaging the general public and raising money for cancer research.


The Blue Rose Scholarships Program

A series of scholarships aimed at providing flight training assistance to qualified persons interested in starting a career in aviation.


The Flight Paths Program

A program that seeks to bring aviation education into school districts of low-income areas in Chicago for the purpose of giving students exposure to aviation.


"This plane can teach you more things and give you more gifts than I ever could. It won't get you a better job, a faster car, or a bigger house. But if you treat it with some respect and keep your eyes open, it may remind you of some things you used to know - that life is in the moment, joy matters more than money, the world is a beautiful place, and that some dreams really, truly are possible."

- Lane Wallace


Burlas Aviation realizes that the act of flight can promote itself when done to inspire, leaving a visible platform to help other worthwhile causes.

Burlas Aviation Story

In May 2015, Joe Burlas was preparing to graduate from an aviation graduate program when he learned of his father's terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Instead of reflecting on recent achievements, he spent the next six weeks saying goodbye to his greatest mentor, friend, and supporter. On July 1, 2015, his father Joseph Earl Burlas III lost his battle with cancer at the age of 56.

During the months that followed, Burlas was determined to make meaning of his father's loss and sought to do so with what his father had supported him in the most, Aviation. At the suggestion of respected colleagues, classmates, and friends, he had decided to set up a flight in honor of his father that would also raise money for cancer research. However, it was during the first meeting to plan the flight that he heard other stories of loss that asked the following questions:

  • What if Aviation could be used to help people and at the same time further its own goal to sustain itself?
  • Was it possible to address Aviation issues while also garnishing support for equally worthy causes?
On February 11, 2016, Burlas Aviation Inc. was registered as a Not-for-profit corporation in the state of Illinois and has since sought to use Aviation to interest the general public in pursuing careers in Aviation while using its platform for other charitable causes that seek to alleviate human suffering. Any and all persons, organizations, or entities seeking to do the same are welcome to join us.

Contact Information

  • +1 (785) I-FLY-BAI
  • Greater Chicago Area, Illinois 60435

We Value...

  • ...PASSION
  • ...UNITY

"Future supply [of pilots] will be insufficient, absent any actions taken, largely resulting from accelerating costs of pilot education and training. Such costs deter individuals from pursuing a pilot career. Pilot schools that GAO interviewed reported fewer students entering their programs resulting from concerns over the high costs of education and low entry-level pay at regional airlines. As airlines have recently started hiring, nearly all of the regional airlines that GAO interviewed reported difficulties finding sufficient numbers of qualified entry-level first officers."

Congressional Report on the Current and Future Availability of Airline Pilots
Government Accountability Office
Read more: GAO-14-232

"Today's pilots are no different than those who entered the industry 40 years ago, but what we're seeing are societal and generational changes," Hogeman said. "We've got to find opportunities to restore the passion for this industry." - AOPA Article on the OSU Pilot Supply Conference, Published May 2015
Too few bright-eyed students are opting for careers in the cockpit, despite the promise of readily available jobs. The crunch is already hitting regional airlines, which are losing increasing numbers of pilots to the major carriers and are not able to fill new pilot training classes. In some cases, regionals have had to park aircraft for lack of pilots. This should be a concern beyond the aviation world, too. Read More...

Aviation Week

The Coming U.S. Pilot Shortage is Real
U.S. airlines are in the early stages of a pilot shortage that could boost labor costs and even constrain growth. Unless airlines find ways to work with partners to cultivate a pilot pipeline, they could face difficult, even volatile, competition for experienced pilots because the current regulatory and industry situation can only yield about two-thirds of the pilots the U.S. will need in the next 20 years. Read more...


Pilot Shortage Threatens Aviation Growth
Low-paying airlines will continue to have difficulties finding qualified pilots. All operators will experience fewer applications for the available positions, potentially resulting in less qualified pilots system-wide. Barring any policy changes, the military will experience an inventory shortage in the near-term. Read more...

RAND Corporation

ATP Supply and Demand Study
The likely result of inadequate staffing will be the reduction of flying in smaller-communities and other markets served by regional airlines. The overall effect could also cause harm and disruption to the entire airline industry. Given the far reach of the airline industry and its effects on the national economy, this threat should be taken seriously, and mitigations should be enacted in an attempt to circumvent this potential hardship. Read more...

Industry Stakeholders

Forecast on Airline Pilot Labor Supply
THE PILOT SHORTAGE is here, and it's been making headlines. Network news channels have been carrying the story, as have dozens of print and online sources. Last month, Republic Airways, a large U.S. regional carrier that flies on behalf of American and Delta [Airlines], filed for bankruptcy protection. It blamed the filing, in part, on a dearth of qualified pilots. Other carriers have been cancelling flights and mothballing aircraft because they can't find enough pilots to man their cockpits. Read more...


The Pilot Shortage
Short-hail carrier Republic Airways Holdings Inc. filed for bankruptcy Thursday, blaming a lack of pilots for its failure to succeed when major airlines are enjoying record profits. Even with an improved pilot's contract, Republic's recruiting efforts were hampered after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration boosted required flight experience for first officers six-fold to 1,500 hours and set new limits on duty times. Read more...


Pilot Shortage Cited in Airline Bankruptcy


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